Lead Generation

Color Wow

Color Wow prides itself in best-selling products, for colour treated hair. Loved and trusted by many haircare professionals, Color Wow is making its mark in the beauty industry. After a strategic product placement campaign in 2019, we continued to develop our partnership into 2020. Our initial campaign with Color Wow allowed Cohorted to develop this professional relationship and identify more strategic approaches to push campaign aims. A lead generation campaign was curated in order to develop brand awareness and expose Color Wow to new audiences. Alongside an audience activation campaign, Cohorted offer continued support of the brand development, regularly featuring them across Cohorted social media platforms and in editorial content for lifestyle publication Cohorted Cult. Most recently, Cohorted worked with Colour Wow to deliver a brand-exclusive beauty box to subscribers, through our in-house premium beauty subscription box. All campaign objectives were met and exceeded our expectations, whilst all products were well received by beauty box subscribers. We look forward to what the future has to bring for our partnership with Color Wow.